5 Tip For Treating Urticaria


If you suffer from urticaria, or chronic hives, then I’m sure you’re looking for some sort of treatment, natural or not, to simply get rid of the constant itching. This is more than understandable because no one wants to live their lives in such discomfort. Typical urticaria relief is an over the counter antihistamine or for some folks may even involve steriods however, there are natural remedies for urticaria too.

Just to mention, because urticaria is caused by allergies, it’s quite difficult to cure the condition. Research has shown, however, that urticaria is an autoimmune disorder and can be referred to as Autoimmune Urticaria. By understanding this about urticaria, it helps to target methods of relief now that we understand more about the disease.

Below you’ll find 5 different ways to treat your urticaria. Of course, consult your physician about any potential treatments you read here or elsewhere.:

Option 1: Drink a warm glass of water with about 6 grams of sea salt added. Sea salt is a good way to flush out your system naturally and help with overall gastric and digestive problems.

Option 2: While taking a bath, add cornstarch and baking soda to the bath water. By adding these products that are often found in the household, the solution these products create can help soothe the inflammation and itchiness.

Option 3: Vitamin D (particularly the D2 supplement) provides your skin similar to the way the Sun delivers vitamin D. This supplement may require high doses so again, consult your doctor or dietician first to see if you can take this product in high doses…if required.

Option 4: Niacin is another product you can purchase over the counter and is relativly inexpensive. Some people may report a burning sensation when taking Niacin, as it supposedly gets rid of histamines, but it should pass after several minues.

Option 5: Cayenne Pepper can also help reduce swelling and other urticaria symptoms and is a natural product.

Above are five tips on treating and controlling your Urticaria but again, consult your doctor or dietician first to ask about taking or applying any of the above and be sure to stop taking any supplement or drug if your body is reacting adversely.



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