Holistic Approach to Treating Shingles


Many traditional medicines used to treat shingles do not actually help and if anything are known to even prolong the condition of the virus. The holistic approach to treating shingles actually takes into account it derives from the herpes virus. With this in mind, shingles can therefore be treated with the same natural approach as any other form of the herpes virus.

Studies have shown that the herpes virus can only thrive in a body that has a weak immune system or a person’s arginine to lysine ratio. In order for the virus to develop the level of arginine must be much higher than lysine, therefore it can be learnt that it is important to maintain a healthy balance in order to curb or control a possible outbreak of shingles.

The holistic approach to treating shingles is to therefore revise your diet and eliminate those foods which can be potentially harmful or lead to various health conditions and viruses. Even when shingles has been contracted it is important to eat well and look after the skin. A good diet can reduce and relive pain and lead to a speedy recovery. Without doubt, looking at diet is a vital part of holistic treatment and has proved to be extremely effective.

Getting plenty of sleep and practicing relaxation therapies can also help speed up the healing process of shingles. It is important to increase immunity so looking after yourself during a bout of shingles can help dramatically.



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