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herbal remedies

herbal remedies

Cultures around the world have relied on traditional herbal medicine for centuries. They’ve used them in food and to meet their healthcare needs. Some herbal remedies may be more affordable and accessible than conventional medicines, and many people prefer using them, as they see them effective and aligned with their personal health ideologies.

grow your own remedies

Grow your own

When you buy herbs in a store, their labels rarely reveal how plants are raised, or how long the ingredients are exposed to light and high temperatures while stored in their plastic containers. If you want to ensure the best quality and potency of your herbal remedies, grow your own.

herbal remedies


The use of medicinal plants for health benefits is increasing worldwide. People use herbal remedies to help prevent or cure disease. They usually use them to get relief from symptoms, boost energy, relax, or even lose weight. Tests have shown that some herbal remedies are indeed effective against illness. 

Basil – A Popular Herb

Originally, Basil was not the most popular herb in the bunch. Actually there were some who simply hated it, mainly the ancient people. The name basil means “be fragrant” but still various cultures battled with a love hate relationship over basil. Americans and...

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Ginkgo Biloba: An Herbal Medicine

Ginkgo is one of the oldest tree species that are alive and the leaves are one of the most studied leaves in clinical settings today. Ginkgo Biloba is an herbal form of medicine and in Europe and The United States is one of the biggest sellers. Many traditional...

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Sage: Not Just for Flavoring

  Sage is a relative to the mint family. It is common for Sage to be ground, whole or rubbed but is generally in more of a coarse grain. Sage is grown in the United States but is also grown in Albania and Dalmatia. Sage is a very popular herb in the United...

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Burdock for Healing Purposes

Burdock is a plant that is related to the daisy family. It is also closely related to Echinacea, Dandelion, and Feverfew. Burdock is an herb but it is one that has been much neglected when it comes to getting attention. Back in ancient times the Greeks used the...

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Oregano: More Than Just a Cooking Herb

If someone says Oregano, it is likely that you will think in terms of cuisine. You would be right as most people do think of Oregano is sauces and so forth. However, there are actual medicinal properties to Oregano as well. Oregano makes a luscious cup of savory...

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Top 3 Shingles Natural Remedies

If you’re looking for Shingles Natural Remedies, you’ve come to the right place. Shingles isn’t a fun virus to get. It starts as Chicken Pox, which people most commonly experienced as a child, but adults can get it too. At a later stage in life, the virus can...

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